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Before you pay money, know the difference

The second generation network (meaning no speed, no programs, no internet, or anything): The first time it was used and presented to the public was in 1992 and it was the first networks to provide data service (internet) and SMS text messages, but the speed rates in them we will not talk about much about who lived through this experience and we will not think about it again. The third generation network: We started to take our minds to a faster data transfer speed, and it was the first network to introduce video-cool technology, and with it the idea of ​​mobile applications (programs) that depend on a relatively stable Internet speed like Yahoo and Ebdi, and of course no one from this generation hears anything about it. Fourth generation network: It is the successor of the third generation and provides, according to companies, (high-speed access) to the Internet, making data transfer rates suitable for excellent use in mobile phones, modems, and even home Internet. 5G network: It is the successor of the fourth generation, but with speeds 10x than the fourth generation, a latency 50x less than the fourth generation, and very high capabilities, according to the promise of the telecommunications companies. Before you buy a mobile phone, you must determine the speed you need, and you will need it for games, business, or normal browsing.