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Why do you want to know the mobile battery get rid of you quickly?

Why do you want to know the mobile battery gets rid of you quickly? You will know now O no : You have a very terrible creature that feeds on the battery in an alarming way, which is the recent apps Of course, you underestimate it, and you see that what does the program mean in the past, it is not normal for us to use it!!! You know that the program prefers to work in preparation for you to summon it at any time and turn it on again, believing that you told it (stay working temporarily until I bring you back) and of course the processor is working, like that, who got out of his car while he was in the process to buy something and return (gasoline and motor preferably working ) Every time you close a program and try to enter the Resent and uninstall it completely, you will feel a big difference. Secondly : the battery : Batteries are of two types Li-PO and Li-ion Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density, so they discharge more energy, but they lose their charge over time, even when used. As for lithium polymer batteries, they have a reduced energy, but they are lighter, safer, and keep charging for longer periods. Lithium-polymer batteries are more advanced and much more expensive. Third: screen type Simply the higher the screen and the higher the quality the battery life will be Fourth: the cable, the cable, the cable, the charger, the charger, the charger: The charger must be compatible with the device model in order to be able to charge the power it needs. There is no fake power and signals. I mean, you keep the charger of the same mobile phone with an original and compatible charger or cable, and another mobile with a charger and cable that is not good or incompatible Oh you will get fake shipping Oh it takes a very long time to ship It is very important to take care of the quality of the charger And now the Egyptian market has a higher quality than the first in the matter of cables and chargers, and there are many brands that offer good types of cables and chargers, and this was not available in the Egyptian market for a long time.